Cancer and its treatments have significant and persistent impacts on body image and related issues, often reducing quality of life. Oftentimes a patient’s psychosocial needs are not given care equal to their physical needs.

This one day workshop will introduce a well-developed psychosocial group intervention—Restoring body Image after Breast Cancer (ReBIC)—which incorporates guided imagery exercises and psychotherapeutic techniques to help cancer patients confront and work through the issues with their body image related distress. This workshop is designed to provide health care providers of all levels, including Physicians, Psychologists, Social Workers, Nurses, Researchers and other Allied Health Providers, the skills and knowledge they need to address their patients’ psychosocial needs.

ReBIC was recently tested in a randomized controlled trial in breast cancer survivors, demonstrating improvements in body image and quality of life.

For more information on ReBIC or to register for the workshop please visit this link by October 12 when registration closes:

To see the results of Dr. Mary Jane Esplen’s Randomized Control trial completed here at UHN, the open access paper can be obtained from:

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