What We Do

Our role within UHN extends beyond commercialization and/or revenues. While it does include the prospect of increasing profitability where possible, our main aim is to facilitate the transition of a concept into a deliverable.

The impetus behind a concept or service may be limited to UHN’s scope of operations or it may be borne from a larger need. In all cases, we provide support & guidance to expand or narrow down that scope as needed, streamline your efforts, and help you plan for obstacles that you may not have considered previously.

Whether your goals are revenue-driven, visibility-related, patient-focused, or reputational in nature, we work together with you to attain them while ensuring that your vision remains the same.

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  • To facilitate the promotion of UHN-owned products and solutions in the market to generate revenue, exposure, or increase their profile and reputation.
  • To advise on terms of service agreements, intellectual property considerations, or  funding considerations.
  • To guide (research) teams on business development opportunities.
  • To discover & operationalize opportunities to attract and secure external revenues, which allow for a service or product to be self-sustaining.
  • To ensure that administrative processes enable the delivery of services within the expected quality and timeliness.
  • To serve as a central hub for intra-unit projects in order to facilitate cooperation & communication, and to maximize each of their strengths.
  • To manage deployment of business development initiatives, from initiation and evaluation to delivery.

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  • UHNBI leverages resources and creates economies of scale.
  • We will help you to set realistic expectations in regards to market competition and positioning.
  • You will be guided through the process of turning an idea into a viable product or service that attracts the customers you seek.
  • Leads to wealth creation and business success.
  • UHNBI will help you anticipate project failures and informs decisions regarding mitigation strategies.
  • Leads improvement of new or refreshed solutions to attract revenue, increase event attendance, or solidify use of your service.
  • We will bring transparency to your processes and models.
  • Will help you to re-allocate competencies and skill sets where the organization most needs them.
  • We will enable you teams to understand the importance of innovation within the scope of their programs of work.

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