Our Rebrand

MedRIST is now UHN Business Innovation! When writing posts with WordPress, you have the option of inserting text, images, and other content like videos, audio, and PDF files into your content. The sky is the limit, and it’s completely up to you to determine which kind of content you plan on writing for your site visitors and future customers. If you need… Read More

Restoring Body Image After Cancer

Cancer and its treatments have significant and persistent impacts on body image and related issues, often reducing quality of life. Oftentimes a patient’s psychosocial needs are not given care equal to their physical needs. This one day workshop will introduce a well-developed psychosocial group intervention—Restoring body Image after Breast Cancer (ReBIC)—which incorporates guided imagery exercises… Read More

Next-Level Leukemia Monitoring

“As sequencing technologies become more affordable and accessible, they are revolutionizing how physicians monitor and treat cancer,” says Dr. Dennis Kim, a clinical researcher and leukemia specialist at University Health Network’s Princess Margaret Cancer Centre. Dr. Kim is bringing this idea to practice. He recently led a study to explore the use of next-generation sequencing—the… Read More