Team Meeting

Our team will guide you through the process of acquiring clients, participants, or peers for collaboration. This work includes coordinated and focused step-by-step incremental innovation processes to establish or strengthen the operations, the production pathway and/or the sustainability of problem-solving products delivered by UHN.

We will help you to assess all factors involved in the production of services or products (e.g. infrastructure, resources, technology) to determine their market potential and return-on-investment, while establishing performance indicators for future success.

By using discovery-driven planning and following leading practices of innovation and marketing, this process enables research teams to:

  1. Tailor business development efforts to reach out to clients and meet their most pressing needs;
  2. Strengthen their commercial interactions with clients, by bringing clarity and transparency into their contractual agreements and administrative processes;
  3. Maximize the use of existing resources.

Teams benefits from establishing indicators to measure productivity and performance as well as from discovering and implementing efficiencies that accelerate growth and self-sustainability.

problem solution business Discovery-driven planning: Uncovering and reviewing assumptions behind existing conventional production processes or products to expose the make-or-break uncertainties. Measurement and metrics: Defining performance metrics to measure success and achievement of project milestones. Sustainability: Defining the impact of internal sustainability commitments such as financial, organizational, technical and structural on client needs. Business Development Page - Companion Banner 1