Writing down results

We work alongside Subject-Matter-Experts to conceptualize ideas towards the creation of new products or solutions. At this stage we analyze the potential financial or non-economic return of a product, and identify associated production risks, readiness level to act as a high-quality service provider, as well as the relevant factors influencing the marketplace.

The process of Ideation & Discovery helps research teams to translate ideas into potentially executable & marketable projects, while enabling them to decide which ideas are worth pursuing.

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  • Breakthrough innovation: Examining a product or solution or the production process of a product to identify efficiencies or cost effectiveness.
  • Incremental innovation: Leveraging continuing product advantage based on existing capabilities and resources and client needs.
  • Screening for success: Examining a product’s market potential, based on pre-allocated resources and market competition.
  • Innovation tools: Enabling teams to think away from the technical or scientific merits of a product and towards the business value of the product or solution.
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