The Challenge: A large international medical organization required a thorough assessment, as well as specialized assistance in planning and training to define and implement operational and governance infrastructure to strengthen its clinical research enterprise and enable institutional evolution.
“…solutions also included a customized framework for clinical and translational research…”
Our Solution: In collaboration with UHN partners, the client was provided with  an operating structure for a world-class clinical and translational research centre within an academic health system, including policies, processes and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), as well as an assessment of guidelines to build knowledge, develop skills and establish corporate administrative and management functions. Best-in-class research management solutions also included a customized framework for clinical and translational research, including research protocol review and grants and contracts administration. The Result: Through customized onsite training sessions coupled with e-learning, the client was able to meet the needs of learners operating in an international research setting. The client was able to strategically position itself as a leading research institution within the context of its regional agenda.